Tema WordPress: Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter: clean and minimalistic theme for WordPress

Depois de usar magníficos temas criados pela participativa comunidade do WordPress, decidi criar um próprio e compartilhá-lo de volta. O tema chama-se Ghostwriter (título em homenagem ao ótimo filme de Roman Polanski), e sua proposta é ser um tema minimalista, limpo, focado no conteúdo e o seu mojo é a tipografia — graças à fabulosa fonte Gentium e ao seletor @font-face do CSS3, ou seja, somente browsers mais “modernos” irão carregar essa maravilha. Mas não priemos cânico criemos pânico! Preparei algumas outras boas fontes no css para entrarem caso o browser seja antigo não consiga carregá-la.

Escreverei as features em inglês, pois acho mais elegante. 😛


  • HTML5 markup
  • Awesome Typography
  • Clean and minimalistic approach
  • Full Internationalization
  • Support for widgets on the sidebar
  • Tested on IE6+, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Preview: o próprio blog está com o tema! \o/

Versão atual: 1.4 (15 Janeiro 2011)

Download: clique aqui

Categorias: PHP, Wordpress

Comentários (61)

  • Hi!
    I like your theme very much! I’m using it on my site, with a bit of change.


    • Thank you!
      Looks pretty good on your site, and the changes were all pretty well done! :)

      • I wonder if you would sell us back our lost domain name. WordPress, “says” technical difficulties did not inform us of it’s expiration date, we should have kept better tabs on it, but we lost it. Are you interest to sell?

      • Maybe I misunderstood, you don’t own this, you just designed the theme?

  • Hi
    Beautiful theme – but can’t I nest pages in menus? Is there a way to correct this?
    Thank you for your reply.

    • Thank you! Nope, you can’t do that… I didn’t work on that feature since i couldn’t make it blend into the theme’s clean and minimalistic atmosphere on the header menu. You could try a page listing on the sidebar as a widget, maybe.

  • I love the theme, and am using it on my site, but I need to know, how can I log back into my wordpress account from it?

    • You mean the admin area? If so, there’s no default link on the theme for it, you need to either put on the sidebar in a widget or access it directly from the url, which is http://yoursiteurl/wp-admin.

      Hope this helps you :)

  • I love how this theme looks and there wasn’t a readme included in it regarding use and distribution of this theme. If it is okay I’d love to port this for use on the Habari Platform (of course leaving your name in the footer for credit). Is this allowable?

    • The license is GNU General Public License v2.0 (it was on the style.css file) and yes, it would be amazing if you’d do the port to Habari :)

  • I love this simple theme! I’m not theme-editor savvy, and I don’t want to mess anything up, but is there a way to have that very subtle line divider show up in between posts, just above the post title? Similar to what you’ve done in the comments here, that subtle line just underneath the icons/names/dates shown on the comments?

    • Thank you, that seems like a pretty good idea!
      I’ll try it here and if it fits well it’ll be on the next version. :)

      • Hi again,

        I’m sure you had your reasons for not including the code, but it appears that the sidebar information doesn’t show up on the pages? I could manually put hyperlinks that will take the reader back to the home page or to navigate from page to page, but seems simplier to have the sidebar on the pages as well as the posts? Please do let me know when you make updates/new versions to this theme.

      • Hi its me again. How did you get the image of the flying bird in the blog header??

    • Hi!
      The “flying bird” image on the header is a custom logo, in this case it’s this blog’s logo… you can customize yours by adding a background-image to the “#header h1″ on the style.css file. You may look at this blog’s css for an example: http://www.brunocavalcante.com.br/blog/wp-content/themes/ghostwriter/style.css (it’s on the end on the file). :)

  • @faoliveira

    Loved the theme, minimalistic and beautiful. I hope that the WordPress.com make available for use :/ Thanks

  • Hey Bruno,

    Is there a way to change/delete the RSS feed from the header?? I am using your theme for my website, but its not a blog, so I was hoping to replace it with a different link.

    thank you for your time and the theme.


  • Fantastic theme! I love minimalistic themes, but it’s the first one focused on typography. And it is wonderful :)

    Here is the only problem. The post area has 960px width instead of 640px. So there is too wide page and no side bar.

    How to fix it?

    Anyway thanks for your theme! :)

  • I love this theme.. so beautiful in its’ simplicity! I wish it had more color options (as blue doesn’t match rest of my site.) Nonetheless, thanks for theme. : )

  • Hi, Bruno. Very nice work. I like the theme very much and would like to use it for my site. However, I am unable to get the right sidebar to appear. Please excuse my ignorance, but I don’t know how to make it appear, as I would like to use it. Can you give advice?
    Thank you.

  • A wonderful and quiet this theme, Used on one of my Websites.

  • Valeu pela dica do filme e pelo tema :)

  • Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …… simple….

    thanks Mars… hahaha…


  • Hi, cool theme!
    Will this go well with WordPress 3 as well?
    I will try it now.


  • este post é incrível! Obrigado pela informação!


  • Una tema maravillosa. And very clean! I love it.

  • I am using your theme for my blog. Totally love it. All my friends loved it. Great work. Thank you :)

  • Love simple themes, minimum of distractions. What do you think about the theme I chose for my site?

  • Bruno. thanks for looking. Actually working on my new logo now. Do not like the current one=)


  • Hi!

    Absolutely *love* your theme :) I adapted it for using with YAPB, and am now using it on my site… many, many thanks!


  • Hi!
    I just discovered your theme and plan to use it for my site.

    There is just one thing that I would like to ask. There will be a lot of short stories in my site so I need to split pages inserting the recommended in HTML. Once that is done, at the bottom of the first page you can see ‘Page 1, 2, 3…’ where you click to go to the following page.

    But I noticed that -after installing your theme- the only page of the story that can be seen is the first one. The rest of the pages are ‘lost’. It happens only with your theme.

    Is there something that can be done? I would LOVE to use your theme in my site. Thank you.

  • I am sorry, in my previous message I meant to say “the recommended
    Thank you.

  • Thank you very much for such a marvelous theme, and GPL-licensed!

    It’s clean and efficient and relatively light. I replaced the old theme I was using: “The Erudite”, which is quite popular among writers but quite ugly and full of JavaScript with yours and everybody likes it better.

    I wonder how you managed to make your theme “French-friendly” but it works flawlessly even with weird punctuation.

    Congratulations for such wonderful work!

    I am proud to use your theme because of its tidiness and readability.

    Maybe I’ll change some things in it in a few months as I grow bored of seeing it like it is, but I like it vanilla for now. I’ll send you the relevant patches in case I find any tricks to make it behave better with French.

  • Hi Bruno. I love this clean, uncluttered theme. I think it is excellent for a professional portfolio site. However, just one problem — how do I get the sidebar to show?


  • Hi Mr Bruno. I love this clean, uncluttered theme. I think it is excellent for a professional portfolio site. However, just one problem — how do I get the sidebar to show?


  • Sorry, I belatedly discovered that your second name is Bruno, hence the repetition… :-)

    • Wow! Now I’m really messing up! :-) Anyway, I have discovered that the sidebar shows on a post, but not on a static page. Is it possible to change this?


  • Hi Bruno, I’m using this theme for my blog. Just one question though- I’ve been trying to insert a header image on the home page, maybe just beneath the blog name but haven’t been successful. Does this theme allow for headers?

  • Hi Bruno,
    Your great theme rocks. It blends well with my blog. Is there any way to shorten the header’s height?


  • Very nice and simple theme!
    How can I remove the RSS icon and text from the upper right side? Thank you.

  • This is the precise Tema WordPress: Ghostwriter — brunocavalcante journal for anyone who wants to seek out out some this matter. You mark so often its almost wearing to argue with you (not that I real would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new revolve on a topic thats been inscribed roughly for age. Prissy lug, just enthusiastic!

  • I am using your theme in my website http://valmikiramayanam.in/ It is a site where I have published lectures on Ramayana (a Hindu mythology)in Tamil language.

  • Thanks for the beautiful design. I had a very cluttered site, and it was a relief to the eye to install your theme.

  • Hi. My site shows a header menu with links to all of my static pages. Is there a way to include other links or remove links from this menu? Or change to a wp defined menu? Thanks.

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